Tamara Susa | The Wild West
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The Wild West

Lat year I went on a road trip through Utah all the way to Grand Canyon. Moab, Cathedral Valley, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley and Black Canyon of the Gunnison were just some of the places that we visited along the way. What a magnificent part of the country!

Photos from Antelope Canyon will be posted separately because I love so many of them, they deserve their own place on the internet.

All photographs available for print. Contact me at tamarasusafoto@gmail.com

Moab – Arches National Park

IMG_9917IMG_9990 IMG_9858 IMG_9851 IMG_9737 IMG_9683 IMG_9664 IMG_9646

Cathedral Valley + Temples of The Sun and The Moon

IMG_0297IMG_0495 IMG_0459 IMG_0440 IMG_0436IMG_0312IMG_0329IMG_0310 IMG_0132 IMG_0129 cathedral valley IMG_0056 south desert

Escalante – Egypt – Neon Canyon

IMG_0737 IMG_0693 IMG_0656 IMG_0623 IMG_0610 IMG_0604 IMG_0584 IMG_0576 IMG_0569


zion3 zion2 zion IMG_1267 IMG_1222 IMG_1160 IMG_1143 IMG_1120 IMG_1077 IMG_1021 IMG_1018 IMG_1009

Bryce Canyon

IMG_0507 IMG_0773 IMG_0819 IMG_0821 IMG_0834 IMG_0853 IMG_0871 IMG_0878 IMG_0901 IMG_0921 IMG_0931 IMG_0946 IMG_0964 pan 3 pan4

Page – Lake Powell – Horseshoe Bend

IMG_1973 IMG_1464 IMG_1429 IMG_1358 hdr horseshoe

Grand Canyon

IMG_2275 IMG_2265 IMG_2221 IMG_2132 IMG_2131 IMG_2108 IMG_2085 IMG_2081 IMG_2061 IMG_2026grand canyoncrand canyon IMG_1994

Monument Valley

IMG_2377 IMG_2343 IMG_2401 IMG_2404 IMG_2434


Black Canyon of The Gunnison – Hays Creek Falls

IMG_2494 IMG_2497 IMG_2524 IMG_2563 IMG_2569 IMG_2572 IMG_2573 IMG_2581 IMG_2610


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