Tamara Susa | The Kingdom In The Sky
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The Kingdom In The Sky

This summer I spent 3 months living and working as a snowboard instructor at Afriski Mountain Resort in The Kingdom of Lesotho. The life at the resort was quite a bubble when compared to the rest of the country, and most of the clientele was South African, and rarely Basotho. Our schedule was busy, working 6 days a week, but on those few days off we managed to get some time off the mountain and see the real Lesotho. This is what The Kingdom in the sky looks like seen through my lens.

_MG_3952 _MG_3949 _MG_3948 _MG_3935 _MG_2873 _MG_2863 _MG_2857 _MG_2846 _MG_2842 _MG_2841 _MG_2822 _MG_2820 _MG_2817 _MG_2813 _MG_2786 _MG_2776 _MG_2771 _MG_2763 _MG_2754 _MG_2753 _MG_2744 _MG_2727 _MG_2724 _MG_2717 _MG_2716 _MG_2713 _MG_2711 _MG_2700 _MG_2699 _MG_2696 _MG_2689 _MG_2676 _MG_2673 _MG_2663 _MG_2659 _MG_2658

_MG_4075 _MG_4066 _MG_4063 _MG_4061 _MG_4059 _MG_4057 _MG_4056 _MG_4055 _MG_4053 _MG_4051 _MG_4050 _MG_4046 _MG_4045 _MG_4039 _MG_4036 _MG_4024 _MG_4020 _MG_4016 _MG_4012 _MG_4003 _MG_4000 _MG_3992 _MG_3982 _MG_3981 _MG_3978 _MG_3976 _MG_3974 _MG_3970 _MG_3967 _MG_3964 _MG_3962

Untitled_HDR2 IMG_0888 _MG_4194 _MG_4191 _MG_4158 _MG_4153 _MG_4142 _MG_4140 _MG_4133 _MG_4129 _MG_4126 _MG_4116 _MG_4112 _MG_4108 _MG_4105 _MG_4101 _MG_4097 _MG_4094 _MG_4088 _MG_4085_MG_2657 _MG_2655 _MG_2645 _MG_2642 _MG_1678 _MG_1669 _MG_1655 _MG_1645 _MG_1629 _MG_1627 _MG_1625 _MG_1621 _MG_1619 _MG_1618 _MG_1609 _MG_1605 _MG_1599 _MG_1586 _MG_1581 _MG_1574 _MG_1571 _MG_1566 _MG_1565 _MG_1560 _MG_1558 _MG_1544 _MG_1524 _MG_1509 _MG_1507 _MG_1497 _MG_1494 _MG_1491 _MG_1483 _MG_1473 _MG_1454 _MG_1451 _MG_1440 _MG_1434 _MG_1433 _MG_1432 _MG_1424 _MG_1423 _MG_1415 _MG_1413 _MG_1404 _MG_1403 _MG_1397 _MG_1388 _MG_1370 _MG_1367 _MG_1358 _MG_1334 _MG_1331 _MG_1321 _MG_1319 _MG_1298 _MG_1290 _MG_1283 _MG_1280 _MG_1275 _MG_1272 _MG_1267 _MG_1265 _MG_1263 _MG_1262 _MG_1260 _MG_1255 _MG_1247 _MG_1238 _MG_1231 _MG_1224 _MG_1207 _MG_1195 _MG_1194 _MG_1189 _MG_1178 _MG_0935 _MG_0918 _MG_0907 _MG_0905

  • Tayla de Beer

    HOLY MOLY. Tamara. Speechless dude.
    If I had to make a book of Lesotho, your photos would say it all.

    November 17, 2014 at 9:40 pm