Tamara Susa | Surfing Japan’s Pow
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Surfing Japan’s Pow

In January 2019, for my 30th birthday, there was nothing I wanted more than a ski trip to Japan. So I got my friends together, we rented a camper van and spent two weeks exploring one of the snowiest places on the planet, Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Skiers hike into Asahidake, an active sulphur volcano
4 girls and a camper van, adventure of a lifetime
Alison Herbert rides into the sunset at Asahidake
Amanda Poindexter rides a powdery tree
So much snow
It snowed for 6 days straight during our trip
Sunset hikes
Snowy day in Niseko
Sulphur vent in Asahidake
Sunset views
Anne Berger enjoying that pow
Mount Yotei
Asahidake sunset
Snowy and Frozen
Kirsten joins us for half of the trip
James Winfield showing us the good stuff in Niseko
Hiking for the good stuff
The top of Niseko
Amanda Poindexter getting lost in the powder
How much fun is Amanda having?
Endless powder fields
Wrapping up the trip in Tokyo
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