Tamara Susa | South Africa’s Wild Cats
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South Africa’s Wild Cats


The other day I read an article on Nat Geo about The Cats You’ve Never Heard Of as a kick off for its Big Cat Week, and it reminded me of all the amazing wild cats I saw at Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in South Africa. Maybe you’ve never heard of some of these either! 🙂

Tenikwa specializes in the rehabilitation and conservation of indigenous South African wildcats. This wildlife sanctuary exists foremost to mend injured creatures (not only wildcats) and reintroduce them back into the wild wherever possible.



_MG_9345 _MG_9357 _MG_9358 _MG_9365 _MG_9372African Wildcat

_MG_9377 _MG_9380Serval

_MG_9385 _MG_9387 _MG_9397 _MG_9405Cheetah (Standing right next to a cheetah was pretty terrifying I must admit)

_MG_9416 _MG_9441 IMG_9447And since I didn’t get to see a lion in Africa, I went to Chicago zoo as soon as I got back and snapped a picture of one there. But nobody has to know this was not in Africa, right? 🙂

_MG_7083And for your viewing pleasure, here are some other animals found at Tenikwa.What an amazing place!

Blue Crane ( South Africa’s National animal)

_MG_9522 _MG_9516Turtles and meerkats!

_MG_9491_MG_9454_MG_9484_MG_9482Marabou Stork, arguably one of the ugliest birds out there 🙂 


All photographs available for print! Contact me at tamarasusafoto@gmail.com

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  • They are also poor climbers and their stocky legs and short tails are one of the reasons they tend to avoid climbing trees. Small spotted cats are endemic to southern Africa but found mainly in South Africa, Namibia and some in Zimbabwe.

    August 3, 2017 at 4:28 pm