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A collection of my favorite photos from Serbia

The Victor monument framed by a spectacular sunset in Belgrade
Kalemegdan Fortress
Kalemegdan Fortress
People enjoying a spectacular sunset from Kalemegdan fortress, Belgrade
Old train bridge, Belgrade
Swans in Zemun, Belgrade
Houses on Sava river (very unique to Serbia)
New Ada bridge, Belgrade
Topcider park, the oldest park in Belgrade and Serbia, established in 1831
Kalemegdan fortress
The Kalemegdan Fortress
St Mark’s church
St Mark’s Church
Ruzica church
The Kalemegdan Fortress
Savamala graffiti
Graffiti in Belgrade
Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad
Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad
Golubac fortress before the reconstruction
Golubac fortress before the reconstruction
Southern Serbia
Elderly lady enjoying a sunny day at Kalemegdan fortress
People enjoying the views from Kalemegdan fortress
Ruzica church at Kalemegdan fortress
Gardos tower in Zemun
View of Zemun form Gardos tower
Fall in Belgrade
Museum of Yugoslav History
The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul
Houses on the river in Belgrade (very unique to Serbia)
Monument to the Unknown Hero on Avala mountain
Shadow of Avala tower over Belgrade
Fall colors overlooking Belgrade from the top of Avala Tower
Fall in Avala
Fall in Belgrade
Spectacular sunset from Kalemegdan Fortress
Sunset over Danube overlooking Novi Beograd
Petrovaradin fortress in Novi Sad
The Victor Monument on a foggy afternoon, with Sava river bridges in the background
A view of the river bank and the Kalemegdan Fortress
The Kalemegdan Fortress
170 year old plane tree in Topcider park, 34 meters tall
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