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A collection of my favorite photos from Serbia The Victor monument framed by a spectacular sunset in Belgrade Kalemegdan Fortress Kalemegdan Fortress People enjoying a spectacular sunset from Kalemegdan fortress, Belgrade Old train bridge, Belgrade Swans in Zemun, Belgrade Houses on Sava river (very unique to Serbia) New Ada bridge, Belgrade Topcider park, the...

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Coming Home to Belgrade | A Photo Story

Last year I had some of my photographs of my hometown published on Serbia.com along with a short story. Here is a copy of the article in English, there is a Serbian version on the original website as well:   We present you a photo story of Tamara Susa,...

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Serbia | Being A Tourist At Home

  Every time I travel back home I promise myself that I will take pictures that time. I never do. It's hard to be a tourist in a place where you spent 20 years of your life. But, this time it was supposed to be different...

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