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Surfing Japan’s Pow

In January 2019, for my 30th birthday, there was nothing I wanted more than a ski trip to Japan. So I got my friends together, we rented a camper van and spent two weeks exploring one of the snowiest places on the planet, Japanese island...

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Ski Portillo

I've been hearing about Portillo from friends for years but nothing prepares you for the experience until you're actually there. An entire ski resort that consists of one hotel, where all the guests get to eat, ski and party together all day long all week....

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Photo Exhibit in the newspapers

My first solo photo exhibit in June saw some love from the local press. Below is the interview I did with Srbija Danas, unfortunately for now only in Serbian: Predstavljamo vam izložbu fotografija "U pokretu"! Tamara je ovekovečila i osvojila svet: Umetnost življenja je večna...

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