Tamara Susa | About
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Tamara’s photography skills evolved from love for music. While absolutely not talented to play any music instruments, she realized that she can make her input by capturing the atmosphere and emotion of the events. She quickly made a name in the music industry by producing event recap videos for Chicago’s Spring Awakening Music Festival, North Coast Music Festival and many more. Her years in Chicago got her the reputation of “making music look good.”


And then, she decided to leave it all behind and move to Aspen, Colorado. She replaced the city life with biking, hiking, snowboarding (or any other activity you can find in the mountains), but her love for documenting things around her never faded away – nowadays she’s that camera girl biking with a heavy camera bag, snowboarding with a tripod in each hand, and scrambling up that really steep hill to get the shot. She even wakes up for the sunrise occasionally! 


From stills to moving images, she’s the boss of it all – what started as “that one friend that always remembers to bring the camera” in her hometown Belgrade, Serbia, has turned into a wonderful carrier that has taken her around the globe capturing people, events and beautiful landscapes.


Her goal is to snowboard on every continent.

The girl behind the camera:

Photos by (respectively): Steve Karczewski, Atanas Papurov, Toby Radcliff, GoPro Selfie, Steve Karczewski, Toby Radcliff